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Below are just SOME of the fantastic door prizes and auction items provided by our sponsors
for the 2015 show.  EVERY paid entry received a door-prize ticket!

Be sure to visit our sponsors and support them!

A tremendous thank you to Central Aquatics for the
following door prizes:

- Aqueon EVOLVE 2 aquarium (multiple)

- Aqueon EVOLVE 4 aquarium (multiple)

- Coralife LUNAR AQUALIGHT 24" quad T5HO w/LED

- Coralife PULSE WAVEMAKER 2600 & 5800 (multiple)

- Coralife CIRCULATION PUMP 750, 1300 & 2900 (multiple)


Equipped with an ASOV for automatic top off. The Typhoon unit comes assembled with filters and membrane installed. Pressure tested with 65 psi water. Just make three plumbing connections and enjoy zero TDS water, Zip, Zero, Zilch, Nada. NO TDS.

Cobalt Neo-Flow 10,000 adjustable DC prop pump
flow up to 2,640 gph not possible with normal power heads  Adjustable DC power supply, allows flow rates from 50-100% up to 2,640 gph (10,000l/h). Powerful magnet mount attaches on to tanks up to 3/4” (20MM) thick. Easy placement and the wide angle omni- directional mount that allows positioning in a complete have sphere makes this an ideal circulator for any aquarium!
3/4" Sea-Swirl -  Sea Swirl's Rotating Return Device is designed to increase circulation, health, and life of the corals and fish in your tank.

Coral Frag, (type to be announced)

South Carolina Aquaria Association:
Donating a 20H aquarium

Donating for auction:
Orange Rainbow Paly frag
Green Lantern Favia frag
Diamond Eyes War Coral frag
(pictured below L to R)
NextReef MR1 Series Reactor

NextReef MR1 Media Reactors are excellent for all types of media, like GFO / phosphate removers, activated carbon, denitrification media, and more.  Sturdy construction, and the best-sealing lid in the business. MR1 Reactors can be used in-sump, or externally.

Thanks to Aqueon, Hikari, Sera, and Omega One for the various foods and other items for door-prize bags!
TWO $50 gift certificates for use at the show!