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Sadly, The 2016 Carolina Aquatics Trade Show (C.A.T.S.) has been cancelled due to a lack of volunteers to help run the show....

We've had great attendance the past three years and it's been a blast. Our vendors have been FANTASTIC!  Unfortunately, great not-for-profit events don't "just happen".  C.A.T.S. requires a team of dedicated volunteers behind the scenes to run.  We've had a great group in the past, but it seems that, this year, we just couldn't find enough volunteers to put on a quality show!

We hope to have a 2017 show, but that depends on the attendees, the vendors, and most of all, community volunteers to make it work.

If you are DISAPPOINTED and want to see the show return in 2017 - JOIN THE SCAA and be an active member!  We'd love to have you and we need your participation.

If you're not a member of SCAA, please join.  Memberships are free and it only takes a few minutes to sign up.  Be sure to like us on Facebook!
This event is brought to you by the South Carolina Aquaria Association.

2015 Vendors:

AlgaGen LLC

Aznnuttys Saltwater Connections

Camden Tropical Aquatics

Just Keep Swimmin'

Fraggin' Wagon

Joe Knows Reefs

Jason Fox Signature Corals

Midwest Coral Connection

Zoaddict Corals

Dragans Reef Blends

Spikes Corals
Caviar Coral
Bearded Dragon Rescue
Pet's Market
Diaz Family Aquatics
Zero Nitrates Corals
Dusty Mendenhall
James West
Bob's Rare Tropicals
Ken Davis, Southeast Exotics and Tropicals
East Shore Coral
Dave Nicholson

DKRST's L144 Plecos & Cichlids

Dane Odom

Doug Clark & Lee Lemert

Julie Zeppieri

Cobalt Aquatics

Mike's Cichlids

& Others!